Happiness in the Face of Bipolar Disorder

by Sean L Corbin
And you worry that this warmth you feel on your shoulders
this undeniable fullness in the crook of your arm this      dusted-off
upward bend at the corner of your mouth      you worry that this
is merely an imaginary friend pushing your lips toward your forehead
filling the area between elbow and rib      rubbing your neck
with its bony fingers      you worry that it could drift away
with a subtle spring breeze or      melt at the sound of a running faucet
that a solitary stone in the sidewalk could trip its rainbow toes and
make it fall face-first on the concrete      its grinning jaw bursting
with bright blue blood      and that will be all it takes for your imaginary
friend to fly off      wings beating like a child’s arms      and there
you will be      empty      with nothing to embrace      nothing
to talk to      nothing to catch the dandelion seeds you blow across
the overgrown yard      nothing but a mouth full of sour chalk

Sean L Corbin is the author of The Leper Dreams of Snow (Finishing Line, 2018). His poetry, prose, and book reviews have appeared in Still: The Journal, Crow Hollow 19, Vinyl Poetry, JMWW, amongst many others. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Kentucky, as well as degrees in English and Creative Writing from Morehead State University. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife and sons.